Our Team

1130 W. Washington St., #134, West Chicago, IL 60186


Our Team of Directors

Jeff Nesbit
Cofounder, Managing Director

Ramona Tucker
Cofounder, Editorial Director 

Yvonne Parks
Art Director

Don Olson
Technology Director

Who to Contact about What?

Most questions can be answered by clicking through the About Us tab.

Writers Guidelines/Submit a Manuscript


▪ Change of author email/address/phone ▪ Large qty (over 1,000) buys ▪ Royalty statements/payments ▪ Business opportunities ▪ customerservice@oaktara.com

Editorial & Design

▪ Status of ms ▪ Contracts ▪ Cover design/art/photos ▪ Printing ▪ Ebooks ▪ rtucker@oaktara.com

Social Media-Media

▪ Facebook ▪ YouTube ▪ Blogs ▪ Media kits ▪ Author page changes ▪ customerservice@oaktara.com

Orders, Discounts, Checkout on OakTara Store

▪ For questions about orders, discounts, checkout NOT answered in the above link: customerservice@oaktara.com