Recovered and Free






The Song of a Prodigal Father
Singing Over Me, Book 1

Author: Charlotte S. Snead

Every time the hauntingly familiar mandolin song played on the radio, Missy’s heart was drawn toward it. It sounded like…but it couldn’t be, could it?

All talented musician Ian O’Malley wants is to come home, to the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. But is it too late? How does a broken man reclaim the only woman he’s ever loved, the bitter son who sent him away, and the daughter of his heart?

When her father calls Missy, a successful interior designer, after twenty years to proclaim he is free from the curse of alcohol that destroyed their family, she is afraid to hope. The memories of betrayal run too deep. But her husband, Tim, knows more than he’s telling about his mother-in-law’s desperate prayers for her long-lost husband. Could they together embrace Ian’s recovery and restore him to their family? But will Missy dare to trust the one who has broken so many promises? Whose lack of involvement in her life cost her more dearly than even he knows?

His heartfelt song on the radio continues to draw her. Yet will her own love for music, and her deep love for her once-magical-in-her-eyes father be able to overcome the trauma of her fatherless teenage years, when she needed him so much?

The Singing Over Me Series
Hope. Healing. Forever Love.