On the Wings of Grace









The Hand of God Series, Book Two

Author: Judi Ann Ehresman

Two longing hearts.
They had no idea how much they would need the other….
Bess, the “mistake” of a prostitute in the largely unsettled Midwest, knew no other life growing up than the brothel, where she was raised, then taught her profession. In spite of warnings about falling in love with her customers, Bess found herself intrigued by one man who tugged at her heart, then mysteriously disappeared. Weeks later he returned to share a story so amazing that she began to wonder, Might there be a new chance even for someone like me?

Robert Sheldon agonizes as he watches polio slowly take its toll on his beautiful wife, Anita. He has his hands full with an invalid, four energetic children, and a farmhouse and desperately needs help. But might his help come in a completely different way than he expects—on the wings of grace?