Invisible Wounds






Author: Charlotte S. Snead

He seems like the man of her dreams, 
But she, of all people, knows looks can be deceiving.
Dare she trust again?

Major Lisa Newcomb is a talented, well-respected doctor who worked for years at Walter Reed. Now that her friends Angie and Jonathan Carter have The David W. Carter Rehabilitation Center for wounded warriors up and running on their farm, Lisa decides to begin a practice near her best friend and the children who mean so much to her. But she doesn’t bargain on running smack into the intriguing retired Marine Colonel recently hired by the Center.

Widowed chaplain Bill Robinson is stunned by Lisa, a 5’9” slender beauty whose hazel eyes with gold flecks draw him like no one ever has. Could she be the answer to his longing for a deeper connection?

When a farm accident draws the two closer together, sparks fly. But falling in love isn’t easy for a divorced doctor who has lived with a father and then a husband who betrayed her…a woman with invisible wounds just as real as the veterans with PTSD at the Center. Bill is determined to tear down the walls of suspicion one by one. But can his love and God’s bring healing and wholeness to a broken woman?

A tender tale of courage, triumph, and lasting love
in the most tragic of circumstances

Sequel to the beloved romance His Brother’s Wife