Deborah: A Woman in a Man’s World




Author: Marlene D. Lake

It took a woman to lead an entire nation to victory.

From young girl to the commander of an army, the biblical Deborah was not only a powerful figure in Hebrew history but a rallying force for change in a dangerous world. Therefore, her legacy of wisdom and courage shines brightly and offers encouragement and inspiration for all who encounter her story.
In Deborah: A Woman in a Man’s World, ordained minister Marlene D. Lake takes readers through 24 studies on topics that span both Deborah’s world and our world today, such as handling temptations, courage in the midst of crisis, the importance of listening to nudges from God, learning to find your refuge in God, and the power of verbal blessings for the next generation.
A companion study guide for the novel Deborah: Mother of Israel, by Marlene D. Lake. Designed for individual or group use.