Sharon Bernash Smith

Sharon Bernash Smith wore many hats while raising two boys in rural Washington State---pre-school owner/teacher, midwife’s assistant in a home-birth practice and a Pregnancy Resource Center volunteer for 25 years. Now as a writer and speaker, Sharon desires to touch lives for Christ through the written word and her own life experiences. “Reality Fiction™ is my commitment to address the real-life struggles we all face,” Sharon says. “There are no pat answers in life, and you won’t find them in my books. However, God is just, and I will always portray Him as such.” Sharon is also the author of Old Sins, Long Shadows, Book Two in The McLeod Family Saga, and coauthor, with Rosanne Croft and Linda Reinhardt, of the historical novel Like a Bird Wanders, Book One in The McLeod Family Saga, and the Christmas classics, Once Upon a Christmas and Always Home for Christmas, and Starry, Starry, Christmas Night (all OakTara). The Train Baby’s Mother (OakTara), released in 2012, was recently chosen as a top finalist in the Oregon Christian Writer’s Cascade writing contest. She has also been published by Focus on the Family and AMG Publishers. Sharon enjoys watercolor painting, land-sailing around the Pacific Northwest, and spending as much time as possible with friends and family, especially her four granddaughters. Sharon and her husband attend a large church in Washington State, where she serves as a Bible study leader in women’s ministry. 

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Books by Sharon Bernash Smith

Like a Bird Wanders (Coauthors:Rosanne Croft and Linda J. Reinhardt)
Once Upon a Christmas (Coauthors:Rosanne Croft and Linda J. Reinhardt)

Always Home for Christmas (Coauthors:Rosanne Croft and Linda J. Reinhardt)
Old Sins, Long Shadows: The MacLeod Family Saga, Book Two
The Train Baby's Mother
Starry, Starry, Christmas Night (Coauthors: Linda J. Reinhardt)
The Short Life of Moths